LEGO : Post Office / Let's LEGO Sachiko
June 1, 2002
I made this “POST OFFICE”, thinking about creating the animation movie. But to my regret, I haven’t made it yet for lack of time.(^^;

Open up the front of building. The color of inner wall is beige!

Slide the red roof backward. Look, the postmen are working!

Put the retro-flavored light on! The switches are on the ceiling of the red roof.

Since the lighting kit is embedded inside of the ceiling, the weight of the roof is rather heavy...

The exterior of this POST OFFICE is glaring, but the inside is retro.

On the left front : Wooden chairs.
At the center : Wooden reception counter, Client and Postman.
On the right front : Counter to fill out the form.
On the left back : Back doors.
On the right back : Postman who is sorting the mails hard.

Please use the back doors to deliver the mails!

The black one placed on the right side of the postman who is sorting the mails is a “scale” to weigh the parcels.

Somehow, the right side of the building is similar to the post office of my web “Contact(mail)”.

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