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Can I eat a hamburger ?
April 1, 2004
I cooked a hamburger, again! This time, it's not "Do you wanna try it ?" It's "Can I eat it, OK ?"

A lot of ingredients with soft buns! Because of too much ingredients, the upper bun is tilted.
The bottom ingredient is meat! Melted cheese, a sliced tomato, and fresh lettuce are piled up on it! Where does this cheeseburger come from, huh?

When you open the upper bun, you can see sauce and pickles on lettuce...

Listen! Have you just heard somebody's voice saying "Don't eat me~~!" from somewhere?

Maybe, I will eat this hamburger later. Nighty-night!

Now, I eat potatoes, first. Wow, chunky potatoes! And, what a thick paper bag! (^o^)

Well, I wanted to eat this hamburger and potatoes...but maybe, not to...!

OK! Then, I drink coke, with this bright red drinking straw!!

It's easy to drink with this curved straw. I can drink it, can't I?

Ugh...don't look at me like that! You make me nervous, and I can't drink.

Well, what should I do?....I'm starved.
Can I eat? Can I eat? Yeah, I chow them down !

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