Let's LEGO
Magic of nature
Dec 2004
??? When you step away a little bit from this lumpish block and look at it horizontally ...

You can see the pictures of four seasons on four sides of this block. (Look at it HORIZONTALLY!)
In spring, flowers bloom, in winter, it snows... the change of seasons is like a "magic of nature" !

And when you open the "Snowman", the words of "MAGIC OF NATURE!!" pop out !

Putting a black-light on it, the fluorescent parts will shine beautifully !!
I made this work in the second round of the "Game of Transforming LEGO" for a TV-show named "TV Champion, the 1st championship for the King of LEGO".

Magic of nature
About 3,000 pieces of LEGO Bricks
colection of the artist

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