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An amazing town within a deep red car
January , 2005
Look, I created a "deep red car" measuring one meter in length ! (^o^)/

When you remove the upside of the car...

"Town of a Kid's Lunch"What's a kid's lunch ?

A house of a fried-prawn-coated-very-crisply! A house of rise-fried-with-chicken, a hamburger-house, and a pudding-house look very delicious! A cup-house has a pool on the roof.

When you push the flag-switch ... a hamburger-train will come from a neighboring town!

Look! Here the hamburger-train comes !

The train has just arrived at the platform. (The train stops, when you push the flag-switch.)

Now, the train starts to move !

When you pull the wheel out of the rear tire, you can take a look at the ticket office !

Now, let's look at the basement !

"The basement under the Town of a Kid's Lunch"

Let's get off the train on the opposite side of the platform and go shopping in the shopping mall !

Here a LEGO shop is ! (^o^)/

Beside a play area, there is a bookshop.

Are you hungry? Let's go to the food area !

"I want the strawberry ice cream, please !"

I will relax while I take a meal in a cafe !

It would be nice to talk over a cup of tea with friends, looking at the hamburger-trains !

The railway is never-ending ... it will come to your town !
Let's go to the "Town of a Kid's Lunch", getting on a hamburger-train !

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I made this work in the final "Game of Surprising LEGO Town" for a TV-show named "TV Champion, the 1st Championship for the King of LEGO".

An amazing town within a deep red car
About 20,000 bricks

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