Let's LEGO
Pestering kittens
January , 2005
"Feeding time !"

"Feed me now !"

They are pressing with smile, hitting their feeder !

"Food !"

"Feed me !"


"Gimme ! Gimme ! Meow !"

I made this "Yellow Cat", which was intended as to be an "Orange Tabby", to present it to Ms.Megumi Yasu who was a guest for "TV Champion, The 1st Championship for The King of LEGO".
As I heard that she likes cats, I presented the kitten. I hope that she likes it !
After that, I created the "White Cat" and the "Black Cat". I made the display boards (acrylic frame) for an event exhibition.

Pestering kittens
About 400 pieces of LEGO Bricks
H160×W140×D230mm (x3)
colection of the artist

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