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Sweets Memory
Oct 2005
"Sweets Memory" is a very sweeeet cake !

When you open it, a photo frame appears! You can put your sweeeet memory into a frame !

When you put a secret photo into a frame, you can secretly open it and sneak a look at the photo…(laugh) .

If the photo is the one that you want to show to everybody, let's open and decorate it (laugh) .

To your wonderful memories, Cheers !

For your information, the photo decorated now is showing the LEGO LAND in Denmark (laugh), well, my sweet memory is my own secret!

When you pull the "heart cookie", you can replace photos !

Which photo is the best, I wonder.. .. ?!

About a Chocolate Cake, both the "sponge cake" and the "heart cookie" are made from chocolate! Look, the color of chair is also different !

Which one would you like to eat?

I made the works to present them to Ms. Nana Ogawa and Ms. Hiromi Kitagawa, who are the guests for "TV Champion, the 2nd Championship for The King of LEGO". They were delighted, so I was really happy !

Sweets Memory
About 800 pieces of LEGO Bricks
colection of the artist

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