Let's go to the Earth Park !
This work in the final game for "TV CHAMPION",
The 2nd championship for the King of LEGO. ( in Denmark )

Created in Oct 2005
The Earth Park is a world communication park, where people those who love the earth visit from all over the world !

The big earth is, actually a building !

Let's take a walk around the earth.

Let's dance, talk, and become friends with people from various countries !

Look, many people are going into the building, riding the escalator. What's in it ?

Let's go inside !

Inside the building, there are many big animals !

When you go up stairs ...

Wow, you came out of a tummy of Panda !

Hey, look ! There are kids on the head of Elephant ! Well, you can enter inside of Elephant from the cave under his foot !

It must be having great feelings, when you take in the scenery from the observation decks of Elephant and Giraffe !

You can go to a forefoot of Elephant !

The Whale boat and the Crocodile boat are right on the waterfront.

Let's meet at Parrot, if you want to step on to the boat !

Let's get the numbered ticket at the stump house and go to the gate !!

With Crocodile wagging the tail,

With Whale spouting water, each boat moves very slowly !

Let's go !!

Let's have a view of these big animals, getting on a boat !

Wow, I found the smiley face on the bottom of Elephant's foot !

Look, they are taking commemorative pictures in front of the baby elephant.

You can enter inside of Giraffe from his hinder legs !

Oh, no, this round trip will be finished soon ...

It looks as if Crocodile is asking "Did you have fun ?" (^o^)

Let's go for a walk around the park, now.

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