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A Big Puppy
An entry work for "The 5th Original Model Contest in Tokyo"
Oct 2006
A big, big puppy "Hop" !

Each time he takes a walk, he gets bigger !

Why so ?

Because his guardian said to Hop like this ...

"Hop, you really like taking a walk. But since you are very tiny, you can't walk that far... when you gets bigger, I promise I will take you much, much farther !"

Hop joyfully gave an "arf" and wagged his tail.

Since then, Hop gets bigger and bigger each time he takes a walk.

"Get bigger,Hop! Let's take a walk much farther with me!"

This was an entry work for "The 5th Original Model Contest" held in Nov 2006. The information about the contest is here!

A Big Puppy
About 600 pieces of LEGO Bricks
colection of the artist

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