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The Multi-Dimensional Tunnel
( The tunnel that can appear anywhere.)

An entry work of "The 2nd LEGO Brick Model Contest"
Oct 2006
When you put it against with a wall, you can quickly create a tunnel !

Leaving a trail of smoke, the train goes through the tunnel.

Depending on the way of setting both entrance and exit of the tunnel, the length of train changes !

With many passengers on board, the train is chugging along !

When you set many books between them, you can make the longest train in the world !

Like on the wall or in the TV set, let's make the "The Multi-Dimensional Tunnel" train run in many places in your room !

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This piece was an entry of "The 2nd LEGO Brick Model Contest" held in Oct 2006. Click here for more info about this contest.
The Multi-Dimensional Tunnel
About 1,500 pieces of LEGO Bricks
colection of the artist

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