Sea-Otter Mum & Pup
This work in the First round for "TV CHAMPION"
Created in June 2011
Sea-otter mum & pup are floating on the water.

Floating, floating, "I like to stay on my mammy’s tummy best."

When you remove the water,

you can see the body of Sea-otter mother.

"I can swim too!"

Holding seashells, let’s eat!

* Pictures from different angles are to be shown at a later date.

I made this work in the first round "Marine Creature Tournament" for a TV-show named "TV Champion, the championship for the King of LEGO 2011".
Sea-Otter Mum & Pup
About 6,500 pieces of LEGO Bricks
H250 × W600 × D380 mm
colection of the artist

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