What A Happy Kitty House !
This work in the third round of "TV CHAMPION"
Created in Jun 2016
This is a cat house for a real kitten, called "What A Happy Kitty House !" (The kitten in the picture is Pell-chan)

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Pell is really excited by the electric flower toy! It's operated by remote control.

When Pell goes up on the KOTATSU table, the orange tropical fish in the water tank start moving. (Using LEGO MINDSTORM, It recognizes the cat with a supersonic wave sensor.).

Pell can go out and ride around in a special remote control cat car!

This is a specially designed cloud bed for Pell. The floor of the bed hovers on LEGO magnetic base - it feels just like floating in a cloud!

Pell loves narrow places! It is very comfortable inside the KOTATSU table!

There is also a mouse game. It Pell can grab the mouse before it escapes through it hole, Pell wins!

"Hello, Pell ! How are you?" Cha-kun greets Pell from a small round window ! Cha-kun is a Ninja-cat!

Cha-kun is disappointed to discover that Pall is not at home!

While waiting for Pell's return, Cha-kun thinks, "This cat house is too small for me. I wonder if Sachiko will make a cat house that fits me...zzz

I made this work in the third round, "Catland Battle", for a TV-show named "TV Champion, the championship for the King of LEGO 2011".

What A Happy Kitty House !
About 10,000 Bricks
W800 × D800 × H900mm

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