Dragon Festival Has Come!
This work in the Final round for "TV CHAMPION"
Created in June 2011
The “Dragon Ship" with a giant dragon is a traveling “Dragon Festival” which goes to every corner of the world, sailing the seas.
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Today is the day when the “Dragon Festival” takes place in your city!

Look! The brother boats of Dragon Ship are preparing for the festival, hauling in a catch of fresh fish and crabs.

And this Dragon Ship has a great secret! You know what, it’s amphibious!

And the dragon moves.

After getting into port, the Dragon Ship runs on the land and moves to a large park.

Many stands get lined up around the Ship and the festival finally kicks off.

Let’s look around the stands, such as a shave ice stand, a fried Chinese noodle stand(Yaki-Soba) and so on.


“Wasshoi! Heave-ho! Mikoshi (portable shrine), Wasshoi!”

The Dragon Festival specialty, “the Shishimai (lion dance) show” has just begun!

After watching “the Shishimai show”, let’s board the Dragon Ship!

You feel the giant dragon much bigger when looking at it on the ship!

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