Let's LEGO / Pilot appeared on the "Brain Travel", a magazine for members of Mitsubishi Corporation
Pilot appeared on the Brain Travel
[opened] Feb 20, 2008 / [Created in] Jan, 2005

The front page of "MY STYLE" Vol.6, a magazine for members of Mitsubishi Corporation.

As an image for a column of "Brain Travel", I made a pilot with Lego bricks.
They asked me to make more adult-featured pilot than mini-fig. So, when he takes off his cap...

His really cool and colorful brain appears! (^ ^;)
That's exactly what they asked me to do. In a sort, a jumbo jet is also flying.

On the page, only the front and the side views were placed, but when you look at it with angles, it looks like this...

Size : (w)350mm x (d)260mm x (H)380mm

Actually, you can put the cap on, but it’s lumpy, so it hurts. Ouch!

The size and the direction of eyes from a front view are different from those from a side view. Actually, the size of nose is also different.
How many of you can notice that on the page?

I mean, the eyes and nose are replaceable.
On the page, they said that they would use the front and the side view on their magazine. So I made it like this.

The cool brain is also detachable...frightening !

I like this pilot cap quite a lot ! (^-^)

Since I took the jumbo jet apart, this is a photo I scanned from the page.

This was an introduction of a pilot who travels in the brain...!

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