LEGO Stadium - BRICK FAN TOWN / Let's LEGO Sachiko
[ last updated ] Feb 25, 2009 / [ opened ] Dec 14, 2008

On Sept 13, 2008,"BRICK FAN TOWN", a big Lego town where a streetcar runs, was born at the "LEGO Stadium" in Nasu-Highland Park !
"BRICK FAN TOWN" was created by 53 amateur LEGO builders and a LEGO model builder, Mr. Kazuyoshi Naoe.
I also joined them to create the town !

We would like you to see it. Please make time to come !

Many LEGO buildings that
the visitors had made were also laid out in the hall !
Span for the event : from Sep. 13 to 23 in 2008
The visitors challenged the making of LEGO building! On Sep. 13 and 14, Mr. Kazuyosi Naoe, one of the famous LEGO model builders, came to instruct us on how to make a building. Amazing !

The details please click a lower image.

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