Art College Kobe
Commissioned work ( model design and Instruction )
Created in Dec 2007
This is a model I designed for a special class of Art College Kobe. This work was built by 5 students in a special class at Art College Kobe. ( Instructor : Sachiko Akinaga )
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The building of Art College Kobe has a rather complicated design.

Actually, I made the ground floor part was made in advance, and the students completed the rest of the building in six and a half hours!

Some students were a bit worried at first, but since the middle stage they all concentrated and enjoyed making the model.

When it was near completion, everyone was excited.

This project is part of "Collaboration Laboratory 2007".
( Sponsorship : the art college Kobe )

In 'Collaboration Laboratory 2007', I was invited to participate in a "Creator Talk Show" and "Exhibition" in addition to the "Let's make an ART School Building" class.

Art College Kobe
About 5,000 Bricks
W768 × D384mm

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