ITER Tokamak - Fusion's Missing Pieces
Commissioned work
Created in April 2012

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This is the Tokamak( a nuclear fusion experimental device ), part of the ITER ( International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor ) research center.

This piece is intended to show some of the problems arising in a technical collaboration involving the EU and six other countries.

So all the engineers are surprised ! There has been some misunderstanding !

The engineers are frustrated by a mistake in the size and color of the doughnut part !

What is the part that has just arrived? The site manager has no idea !

So, can they do it ? Can they make it work? Let's hope so ITER, please do your very best!

ITER Tokamak - Fusion's Missing Pieces
About 10,000 Bricks
W940 × D610 × H490 mm

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