Seaside Aquarium
Commissioned work
Created in Dec 2012
This park is called "Seaside Aquariu". It is an outdoor aquarium.

* Click on the image to zoom in *

When you stroll along the circular aerial promenade, you feel like you are in the sea.

On the way to the rooftop, you can see the inside of the aquarium from the elevator too!

There are lots of cute penguins on the rooftop.

A dolphin show is being held in the bay area !

It's feeding time! Everyone gather arownd!

If you're feeling hungry, let's visit the food court!

Take a breake at a fish - shape table !

There is a souvenir shop behind the food court and there is a restroom next door.

Come and enjoy Seaside Aquarium!

This work was completed by children who participated in the LEGO event, Serious play, in December 2012. They added some mini figs. Thank you to everyone who participated! :D

Seaside Aquarium
About 20,000 Bricks
W1,000 × D1,000 × H860 mm

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