The Kid's Beauty Salon Expo
Commissioned work
Created in Feb 2013
Welcome to The Kid's Beauty Salon Expo !

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This is a model I made for a recruitment brochure / event for the beauty salon company 'The Kid'.
* The company ‘The Kid' is a beauty-related company that runs over 100 businesses across Japan, including hair and nail salons.

The Bottle Tower is a place in the community for the senior employees.

The Nail Castle offers total beauty!

A Haircut Show is being held at the Shower Stadium.
Mirror & Chair pavilion contains over 100 salons.
The Styling area offers training to new recruits, and the scissors booth provides a general introduction to all the companies.

The model is 760 x 760mm, but represents a large pavilion meeting place, so the figures have to be the smallest size possible.

I made a logo model of "THE KID" with Lego.

The Kid Expo
About 9,000 Bricks
W760 × D760 × H460 mm
The Kid logo
About 1,500 Bricks
W448 × D32 × H300 mm ( without stand )

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