GODAI Kameidokou Sports Center
Commissioned work
Created in Feb 2016
This model is GODAI Kameidokou Sports Center. I split the floors open in order to allow the viewer to easily see the inside of the building.
Size:W960 × D576 × H455 mm

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There are tennis courts on the 1st and 2nd floors.

These kids are members of the 'Golden Kids', running club.

A monitor outside shows what's going on !

1st floor : Ladies' chenging room ( Of course,There are chenging room for gents to ! ).

2nd floor : Tennis courts

2nd floor : Front &cafe
You can observe the tennis court s from the counter seats.

3rd- 4th floor : Golf range

3rd Floor : Golf range

Signboard of the outer wall, 2nd floor.

GODAI Kameido Sports Center
About 7,500 Bricks
W960 × D576 × H455 mm

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