Flower Wedding Cake
Commissioned work
Created in Oct 2016
This piece is called 'Flower Wedding Cake'.
My lego friend, Rabbbit, asked me to make it as part of a model they designed for their wedding ceremony.

* Click on the image to zoom in *

It is a traditional wedding cake with flowers decorating the top of the cake.

These bridal couple figs are temporary figures. Rabbbit planned to put their sigfigs (figs representing themselves) on the cake.

A 'Happy Wedding'' message card is concealed in a secret drawer.

Here I am presenting Rabbbit with the model.

Here is Rabbbit's completed model ! He made them separate from the cake. The Red Beetle is a custom model. It has a more rounded shape than the Lego10187.

Happy Wedding, Mr.Rabbbit !!

Flower Wedding Cake
About 1,700 Bricks
W192 × D192 × H320 mm

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