Let's LEGO / "Jumbo Jet" for the JTB Campaign Poster
Jumbo Jet for the JTB Campaign Poster
[opened] Mar, 2005
In 2005, I made a jumbo jet for the poster of "JTB Summer Campaign". (^o^)/
With a little time, I had to make a jumbo jet ! So...the size between the family vacationers (dolls in the Lego Land sizes) and the jumbo jet is unequal... If you take a quick look at it, maybe you don't notice, because I made the jumbo jet as big as possible. So, please don't take an in-depth look at it ! (Laugh)

The Lego family was made by Naoe-san. Yes, that famous Lego Builder ! Wow ! What a wonderful work !
I collaborated with Naoe-san ! Finally, I made it ! Yahoo !(^o^)v

What ? Did I build the backside of the jumbo jet ? Of course not...(^^;

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