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SEALS [SHENG SHI] Pure Car & Truck Carrier
Opened : Dec 16, 2008 / Created in Oct 2008
This is a brick model I made of the "-SHENG SHI" transport ship ( Pure Car & Truck Carrier).
The SEALS "-SHENG SHI " is SINOECL AUTO LINERS LIMITED's latest ship, Launched in November 2008.

Instructions can be downloaded (pdf) when you access the official website of SINOECL AUTO LINERS LIMITED.

The Real "-SHENG SHI" is a massive liner - it's full length is 180m !

Length of brick model 43cm.
Ratio : apprx. 1/418
Model size : (L)43cm x (W)7cm x (H)13.5cm

The cars have to be very small ! (^o^)

The stern rampway is an important feature of a ship like this. I wanted it to be a realistic moveable part, so this is the feature I designed first.

Moving parts Download Instructions

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