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A Model House Modeled with LEGO
July 2007
I was asked to make a work based on an Andersen’s storybook in which the flowers appear on the scene. And I made a work of H.C.Andersen’s “Little Ida’s Flowers” with LEGO. (^-^)
This work is permanently exhibited in the Andersen Park.
When you go there, please come and see it!

It looks like everybody went to bed... Today, a ball of flowers is held ! Overjoyed Miss Lily has just jumped out of a flowerpot !

All flowers in the garden of Little Ida's house started to dance all together !

For Miss Carnation and Miss Gerbera, this is the first ball to attend.

Miss Tulip feels a little shy, because Mr. Violet asked her out.

Let's go to Little Ida's room with nobody noticing !

Today, a ball of flowers !

Oh! Mr. Ladybird is looking at us !

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Little Ida's Flowers
About 5,500 pieces of LEGO Bricks
colection Funabashi Andersen Park , Japan

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