Let's LEGO
A Model House Modeled with LEGO
Created in Jun 2006
I reproduced a concrete model house called "RC-Z System" with LEGO.

I heard that the building method of "RC-Z" house is very similar to the way of building a house with the LEGO bricks.

The idea was like that ! The situation that they had an idea was like that, I guess…(^-^)

So, let's do it with LEGO !

The model house I was requested to reproduce is a two-storied house with a rooftop deck.

I was able to make it just like the real house, wasn't I ?

It would be a good chance, so I reproduced inside of the house, as well.

The furniture is set at my own choice !

In the living room, I put a large-size liquid-crystal TV set which I really want in my room !! (^^;

The staircase leads to the second floor and the rooftop deck.

On the rooftop deck, there are a grassy carpet and the stone pavement, which create a fashionable atmosphere !

By the way, I borrowed the expression of this stone pavement from Mr. Kerouac's work "Kaneda's motorbike (AKIRA )".
Please click here, when you see Mr. Kerouac's work !

With this and that, this model house was completed !
* The real model house, please click here !

You can check the real model house on Ohsawa Gumi Corporation's Website! It's amazing that they introduce the RC-Z construction method with full of LEGO-color! You must see it! Please click here.

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