Happy Wedding M&T
Opened : Jan 28, 2010 / Created in May 21, 2009
Mr. Masahiro Goto, who is one of my Lego friends, asked me, “Please make our Wedding Figure!” So I made a Masahiro-san & Tomoko-san’s Wedding Model.(^-^)

This work is displayed at the entrance of marriage-hall on the very day of Mr. & Mrs. Goto’s wedding (20 June, 2009).

He said, “We both have droopy eyes. Please try to make the figure with those eyes in mind.” At his request, I made the figure, imagining their faces with droopy eyes when they are extremely happy.

The heroine is, of course, the bride! So I was particular about the drape-lines of wedding dress.

On the pedestal, there are two pivot-bearings to put the dolls in. It’s difficult to see on this image…, but on the rear face of the pedestal, the wedding day is engraved on a brick, and on the front face of the pedestal, their names are engraved on a brick.

They loved the figure, saying “Wow, they look like us!” I was relieved very much.

Masahiro-san, Tomoko-san, I hope that you share a long and happy life together! (^-^)

Happy Wedding M & T
About 1,400 pieces of LEGO Bricks
colection Masahiro Goto.

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