Old Type Figures
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1974's Family of figure
Mr.Setaka-Legacy who is lego friend gave me old type figures and then thank for him and I will show you pretty old type lego figures.
Thanks,Mr.Setaka-Legacy ! I'M GOING TO LOVE THEM !
In 1974, the LEGO figures appeared for the first time. When I saw them, I was amazed that the family figures didn’t have their bodies! Umm... well, it is not that they don't have the body, but it is amazing that you can freely make the body with bricks. (What a surprise !)

Compared with the current figs (since 1978), their heads are really big. When I pulled one of the heads out with all my strength, it came off.
* Were they sold in 1975 ? I'm not sure.

At that time, this LEGO family was sold at 700 Yen or 800 Yen. It's so cute that these figs can hold hands with each other !
Grandma / Daddy / Mommy / Daughter / Son... A five member family ! ( I guess there is no Grandpa...) Joints of adult can be bent.

I emphasized their cuteness, making their heights as short as possible !
I used round-parts for girl's skirts and I tried to make it look like the mother wears an apron. And to make the hairstyles of father and son, I used the reverse side of the hair-parts.
To my surprise, the hair-parts for "Daddy" and "Son" are exactly the same ! It is reversible, so you can change the hairstyle, using the reverse side of it. The hair-parts for "Mommy" and "Daughter" are the same. These parts are excellent !

As a ball-part for minifig is perfect for his size, he played soccer with his Dad.

As the Belvile umbrella fits her size, she got into her rain-boots and went to meet a frog.

1974's Family of figure
1975-1977's mini figure
1981-1993's Basic figure

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