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レゴのグミ-LEGO Fun Snacks ラムネブロック
[last updated] Apr 7, 2009 / [opened] Jan 4, 2003
Ramune Candy Brick! These pastel colours are so cute.
My younger brother and his wife gave me these Ramune Candy Bricks as a housewarming gift ! (^o^)

There are four basic types of bricks. They have dents and dings on the reverse side. Six colours for each size…Oh no! A green 1 x 2 brick is missing ! Where could it be ? What a pity ! (><)

I made a tower, a giraffe and a helicopter out of Ramune Candies. The fit isn't so good, so it is very difficult to assemble... and my hands got covered in powdered sugar !

Compared with LEGO, the Ramune Candy Brick is one size smaller and the angles are rounded. I ate it, but it was very hard to chew... so I have no appetite to eat another one... (laugh)
But "Eating bricks" is a lot of fun! (^o^)
レゴのグミ-LEGO Fun Snacks ラムネブロック

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