LEGO Click Brick The 7th Original Model Contest in Tokyo
[opened] Feb 25, 2009

WOW!! I was surprised that the device for taking the regulation size of LEGO works was upgraded for this year's Contest at Odaiba (Tokyo) !!
For the 6th Contest, they used an original measuring device made out of LEGO. But the one for this 7th Contest was magnum-force!! So, I took pictures of it. (^o^)

After putting your work in it, set the square frame onto the top and measure the height. The regulation size (30cm) is on the same level with the black tile plate.

When you remove the axes of Technique ...

You can lower the square frame! And you can also check the sides! It's amazing, isn't it ?
This device was originally made by "click brick shop in Tokyo Odaiba." (^-^)