[Last updated] Feb 13th 2016 / [Opened] Dec 10th 2009

From Dec 26,2008 to Mar 29,2009, "The Original Model Contest 2009" was held at "click-brick" lego shops in 5 areas.
Participants : Cf. the following list
Participants will receive : A lego schedule book
Prizewinners : 5 winners per area.
Winning prize : A Lego writing set
More details
Area & Place
The Contest Name & works Parti-
Tokyo VenusFort The 7th Original Model Contest
Hokkaido Chitose 3rd Original Model Contest 39
Gifu Toki 3rd Original Model Contest 17
Hyogo Tarumi 3rd Original Model Contest 47
Saga Tosu 3rd Original Model Contes 22

Upgraded measuring device for taking the size of LEGO works
The exhibition of prizewinning works : From Mar 7 to 29 ,2009
prize prizewinner names
& Website
prizewinning works
Images on the Bricksheif Gallery
by authors
1st TEN Howl's Moving Castle click here
2nd Mokuami Memories of a Dream  
3rd Sachiko (It's me) Goldfish Balloon click here
4th Kana-Oyako Turn Animals Happy Cake  
5th Tsuwakede-Sondake MSN-100  

The exhibition & ballot : From Feb 7 to Mar 2, 2009
*On the Bricksheif Gallery, you can see 31 works out of 40. (Only images can be released)

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