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Let's LEGO NEWS No.24 / Oct 5th 2015
Brick School for Adults at Toique

On Saturday, November 14th, 2015, I will be holding A Brick School for Adults at 'TOIQUE' You can see the contents on Youtube. Please check it out!

Brick School for Adults at TOIQUE
[ Instructor ] LEGO champion Sachiko Akinaga
[ Lesson contents ]
Step1: How to make globes
Step2 : Introduing customized models
Step3 : Let's make Pac-maru

Video sample of lesson contents on Youtube

If you are interested in taking my class, please sign up today!!

Date and
Time Schedule
November 14th, 2015
10:00 - 12:00 / 15:00 - 17:00
4-27-5 Taito Taitoku Matsumoto buillding 401
Participation Fees 3,000Yen ( 1 drink )
No.of people 6 people in each class ( two classes)
Extras Each participant will receive the building guide free of charge.
Qualifying Age  15 years old and adove.
We ask that participants do not bring along ahildren.
Booking Please fill in the application form on the TOIQUE site,

[ After event get - together ]

All event participants are invited to on after event get - together with the instructor. We can enjoy chatting while eating curry !

Participation 1,000Yen ( Curry, plus one drink )

[ Materials ]

* Paticipants can borrow the neccesary bricks ( free of charge ) from the instructor.
* For paticipants who would like to take their creation have with them, there will be smoll change.

Take home fee Man Maru Jr. - 1,296 yen (1,200yen+tax ) Total : 54 parts
Pac Maru - 2,376 yen (2,200yen+tax ) Total :106 parts
* This offer is limited models made during the lesson. Only one model per person.


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